Essential Skills Work Visa

There are various work visa categories, the most common application is currently the Essential Skills visa. However, keep checking our news section as this is one of the visas soon due to be abolished in favour of a new work visa  framework, 

The government is planning some significant changes to these applications so check out our Latest News Section for more information as it comes to press.  Currently the Essential Skills visa requires a full time job offer (30 hours a week or more) for a role  that no New Zealanders are available or skilled to do. Your skills and experience for the job must match those listed in the Australian and New Zealand  Standard Classification of Occupations ( ANZSCO). The duration of the visa will depend on the skill level of the  job. the ANZSCO will be phased out over the coming months and one new work visa will take the place of  six currently in use.

Work to Residence Visa (Accredited Employer).

If you have a full time job offer from an accredited employer that is for a duration of at least 24 months and pays a minimum of $79,560 per year and you are 55 or under then you can apply for a ‘Talent ( Accredited Employer) work visa.

After 2 years you can then apply for a Talent ( Accredited Employer ) resident visa.

This type of work visa is going to be abolished in the near future so if you can apply now you would be advised to contact us for assistance as soon as possible.

Work to Residence, Long Term Skills Shortage Work Visa 

This is another great work pathway to residence provided you have the necessary skills, qualifications and experience to be offered a full time job in an occupation on the long term skills shortage list. If you remain in this job for 2 years you can then apply for residency.

Early in  2019 Immigration have started a process of consultation to review their work visa policies so things will  change  over the coming months !

NZ Skills in Demand Lists

New Zealand is a great place to live and work with great career opportunities for skilled workers.

In occupations where there is a skill shortage NZ Immigration  maintains three Essential Skills in Demand Lists.  These lists are generally reviewed annually except the Canterbury list which is reviewed  more frequently.

The Long-Term Skills Shortage list  ( LTSSL)

The Immediate Skill Shortage List, and   ( ISSL)

The Construction and Infrastructure Skills shortage List ( CISSL)

(the Canterbury Skills shortage list finished in Dec 2018)

FAQ  :  What is the advantage of a job offer in one of the occupations on the  Essential Skills in Demand Lists ?

It is easier to apply for an Essential Skills Work Visa  if your occupation is on one of the lists as it has already been determined that there is a skill shortage for that occupation.  Your employer will not need to demonstrate attempts to recruit New Zealanders. However,  your qualifications and skills must match those listed on the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations  ( ANZSCO ) and if applicable those listed on the CISSL list otherwise your potential employer must have made genuine efforts to recruit New Zealand citizens or residence visa holders without success.

FAQ : Will I be able to gain a resident visa after that ?

Essential Skill Work Visas are intended to allow temporary work and do not necessarily lead to residence.  Depending on your skills, experience and qualifications  however, you MAY qualify for residence under the Skilled Migrant Category.

Applicants who have a long-term or permanent  job offer in one of the occupations on the Long Term Skill Shortage list may qualify for a Work to Residence Visa.

FAQ :   Can I still get an Essential Skills Work visa if my job is not on one of the Essential Skills in Demand lists ?

Yes, however your potential employer must have made genuine efforts to recruit New Zealand citizens or residence visa holders without success.

FAQ: Can I be self employed on a work visa ?

The Entrepreneur work visa is specifically for those applicants wishing to be self employed.  You will normally need NZ$100,000 investment funds in addition to maintenance funds.  The entrepreneur visa is a points based system. Applicants need  120 points to be selected to apply. The factors gaining points include the level of investment funds, previous self-employment, senior management experience, new or unique products, approved export turnover,  creation of employment for NZ residents/ citizens and other factors.

Open work visa, such as a work visa based on partnership also generally permit self-employment.

Other Categories

The above are a few categories, many others exist, such as working holiday visas,  family category and study to work. For a Free consultation please inquire now.