Choose NZ for Quality Education

New Zealand is renowned for quality education which is recognized internationally. There are options for your children to study at primary and secondary level as well as a diverse range of options of tertiary study.

Depending on the course you choose you may be able to work, stay on in NZ after you graduate or bring family whilst you are here.

You can usually study for up to 4 years and may be able to work up to 20 hours a week, however you do need to show you have sufficient funds to support yourself whilst studying.   You must be enrolled with an approved education provider and will be required to pay the full international fee for your chosen course.

FAQ:  I have been studying in New Zealand and my course finishes soon. What are the options for me to stay and work in New Zealand ?

Changes to post-study work rights have been made to ensure post-study immigration pathways for international students are fit-for-purpose and to reduce the likelihood of exploitation, while minimising losses of genuine students. The changes are as follows:
 The Employer-Assisted Post-Study work visa has been removed.
 A three-year post-study open work visa is available for bachelor’s degree or above
 A one-year post-study open work visa is available for students studying New Zealand Qualification Framework level 4 to 6 and non-degree level 7 qualifications, with an additional year available for Graduate Diploma students whose qualification and work is needed for registration with a professional or trade body.
 A time-bound, two-year post-study open work visa is available for students studying level 4 to 6 and non-degree level 7 qualifications outside Auckland (study must be completed by the end of 2021).
Transitional provisions
To ensure no current tertiary students and post-study work visa holders are disadvantaged by the changes, the following transitional provisions have also been introduced:

 Students who held a student visa or were in the process of applying for a student visa to
study towards an eligible qualification as at 8 August 2018 will be able to apply for:
o a three-year post-study open work visa on completion of their qualification(s)
o a two-year post study open work visa if they have previously held a one year open
post study work visa, on completion of their qualification(s)
 Holders of a one year post-study work visa will be eligible to apply for a further two-year
open post-study work visa.
 Holders of a Post-Study Work Visa-Employer Assisted can apply to vary their visa
conditions to remove the occupation, employer and location.
Work visa eligibility for partners of students
People studying level 8 qualifications will need to study a qualification listed in an area on the Long
Term Skills Shortage List to be eligible to support their partner for an open work visa.