Visit New Zealand

New Zealand is a fantastic holiday destination with a huge diversity to satisfy all comers.  From vibrant cities to mountains, fiords, beaches lakes, vineyards, volcanic scenery and breath-taking views. Known as the adrenaline capital of the world there are also plenty of opportunities for the thrill seekers out there.

FAQ : Do I need to apply for a visitor visa to New Zealand ?

Everyone must be either a citizen or hold a valid visa to be in New Zealand. However, you may not need a visa to travel to NZ as many countries have visa waiver status.  This means you can visit NZ without applying for a visa before you arrive. For most visa waiver countries, you will be granted a 3 months visitor visa, (6 months for UK visitors). However, this does not guarantee you entry permission, so if you have any concerns that you might not meet the criteria feel free to contact us for advice. However recently the government introduced the  requirement for an NZeTA ( New Zealand electronic Travel Authority which must be applied for before you travel. this can easily be done online.

FAQ : How long can I stay in New Zealand on a visitor visa ?

Usually you can  stay for up to a total of 9 months on a visitor visa in the 18 months before the proposed expiry date of the visa.

FAQ : I want to visit my son and grandchildren regularly do I need to re-apply for a new visa every time ?

No, there are different types of visitor visa. A Parent and Grandparent multiple entry visa may be better for you.  This can be granted for 3 years and allows a visitor to stay for up 6 months from each date of arrival,  limited  to a total stay of  18 months  in a 3 year period.

With some exceptions, visitor visas usually enable people to enjoy a holiday or sightseeing trip, visit relatives or take part in amateur sports. Typically, visitors will need to evidence onward travel and sufficient funds to support themselves for the  duration of the trip.

Working Holiday Visa

Those of you still on the right side of 30 may be eligible for a working holiday visa for an extended trip. Rules differ depending on the country.

Partners and dependent children of student or work visa holders may also be eligible for visitor visas.

Please contact us whatever your reason for travel we will be happy to assist.